CED Cosmetics LLC is an all Natural cosmetics industry. We strive to provide our customers with natural skin care alternatives. We provide products which soothe, heal, nourish the skin of customers. We pride in our repeat customers who share our passion for 100% natural skin care solutions.  

Get to Know Us. 

I am Christiana Dugbartey, was born and raised in Ghana, and a naturalized American; I currently serve in the United States Army reserve. CED Cosmetics LLC was first launched in the US on the 8th of December 2019, and in Ghana December 13th 2019. In Africa all I used as lotion was raw unprocessed Shea because that was all my grandma could afford. Coming to the United States, I started hearing more about the pandemic of skin cancers. I researched into it and studied about it and found out that some of the lotions we use contain Carcinogenics. This realization birthed this all natural cosmetics company. I researched into various ingredients but never forgot my all time healthy, natural and favorite Shea. CED stands for my full name, Christiana being my first name, Emefa is more like my native name, then Dugbartey my last name.

CED Cosmetics cares about product quality as well as packaging. It is our vision to soon provide our dear customers with all natural CED beard/hair butter; nonetheless, I kindly urge our customers to enjoy our ever-soothing and moisturizing massage butter, Body butter, lip balm in two shades (natural and pink) and lip gloss in five Shades (brown, nude, popping pink, hot pink and strawberry red).