Magnetic Eyelashes & Liner Kit
Magnetic Eyelashes & Liner Kit

Magnetic Eyelashes & Liner Kit

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Looking Good has never been so easy, yet stunning!

This magnetic eyelashes & Liner set was especially for the Classy, stunning ladies, who love luxury without trading comfort and style. No more multiple make-up cases, or bulky make-up bags. It's time to step out or travel in style comfortably and luxuriously without breaking the bank. Let the queen within radiate in glowing ambience...



  • No eyelash glue required; stay peng all - day long. 

  • Easy to remove, adjust and reposition. 

  • Waterproof and sweatproof

  • No Make-up smudge. 

  • Naturally beautiful Eyeliner with smooth and fine texture. 

How to Apply: 

1. Apply magnetic eyeliner.

2. Wait 3-4 minutes for the eyeliner to air dry.

3. Wear eyelashes in the right position.

4. Slightly adjusted and successfully worn.


  • 1 * Magnetic Eyeliner.

  • 1 * Eyelash Twizzlers. 

  • 3 Pairs Magnetic Lashes.