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Body Butter

Body Butter

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  • Shea Butter
  • Tamanu butter,
  • Vitamin E oil.
  • Sweet almond oil.
  • Olive oil.
  • Coconut oil.


Shea butter is often used in moisturizers, creams, lotions, and other emulsions for the skin and hair. It is rich in fats that make it an excellent emollient and skin moisturizing agent. Experiments also showed it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These can help reduce inflammatory skin diseases and the damage the skin and hair have undergone due to free radicals.

The main components of shea butter include oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, etc. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin as it melts at body temperature. Its moisturizing and healing properties prove beneficial for many skin issues. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties (to a certain extent) that can be utilized to treat many ailments. Its similarity to many vegetable oils makes it suitable for ingestion.

It also contains vitamins A and E, which not only keep the skin in optimal health but also protect it from being damaged by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. These components give shea butter a mild sun protection factor (SPF). Vitamin E also soothes dry skin and improves the skin’s elasticity, making this butter a right anti-aging agent


Tamanu Oil is pressed from the fruit kernel of the Tamanu Nut Tree. Used topically, Tamanu Carrier Oil facilitates the growth of newer skin and leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer. It soothes, repairs, and diminishes redness, scars, stretch marks, irritation, itchiness, dryness, and peeling.

Used medicinally, Tamanu Carrier Oil works to reduce acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, ulcers, itchiness, scaly skin, body odor, fungal infections, rashes, sores, swelling, sunburn, sciatica, rosacea, and foot odor.


Vitamin E is not just a single vitamin; however, it is a group of vitamins with amazing antioxidant benefits. Vitamin E is a nutrient your body needs to support your immune system and help your cells to regenerate. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make getting enough essential to your everyday health. 

It can be applied topically to your face to reduce inflammation and make your skin look younger. Many people also swear by the effects of topical vitamin E when it’s used to the face overnight.


Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E, A, Omega 3-fatty acids, and zinc. Because almond oil is an anti-inflammatory source, it may help ease swelling of the skin. Due to its emollient properties, almond oil has the potential to improve both complexion and skin tone. The oil’s fatty acid content may help dissolve oil-filled crusts on the skin, while the retinoids in the oil may reduce the appearance of acne and improve cell

Almond oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. Some studies have shown that vitamin E, one of the nutrients in almond oil, may help reduce damage to the skin caused by UV exposure.

According to a study 3 years ago, sweet almond oil may be an effective treatment for preventing and reducing stretch marks.


Olive oil is extracted from the tender olives that are mostly grown in the Mediterranean region. Olive oil is used all over the world for various uses, from diet to skincare and hair care. Over the years, olive oil has gained popularity for its rejuvenating and hair-strengthening properties. It is intensely moisturizing, less sticky compared to other oils, and has rich nutrients to give you flip-worthy hair.

Hair tends to get dry due to chemicals or weather like winter, and it’s essential to treat the dryness before it alarms into damage. Using your conventional conditioners must surely be doing the needful to make your hair soft and less frizzy, but it also leaves behind chemical traces that are harmful to your hair in the long run. Olive oil is a perfect replacement of conditioners; it deeply moisturizes your hair, making it soft, smooth, and free of frizz. It also adds a healthy shine to your hair.


The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms; this is especially important for skin health. Applying coconut oil directly to the skin may prevent the growth of these microorganisms. This is due to its lauric acid content, which makes up nearly 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil and can fight harmful organisms.

Recommended Skin Types:

This product is appropriate for use on the hands and body of all skin types, including regular, dry combination, oily, acne-prone, and sensitive.

The direction of Use:

Body Butter is recommended for use on the body immediately after showering or bathing and throughout the day on hands and other areas prone to dryness.

Store in a cool & dry place.